in the past years i’ve based my resolutions off of something drastic. a change to my life that i would have to start new. this year i’m deciding to do something a little different.  i’m bettering something that i started to do near the end of 2016.

resolution: to become a better spender.

now, this can apply to money (which i can justify that i struggle with). but i’m learning towards being a better spender of my time. time is more valuable than money will ever be. money can always be earned, but time can’t be. once time is spent it’s gone. so why aren’t we learning how to be moe careful in the ways we spend it? i’m someone who has a hard time saying no. i think a lot of us struggle with that. putting our own happiness first. we hesitate. not doing what will make us happy because a) money b) time c) it’s not realistic / not possible. but if there’s something you truly want in your life, you’ll make it possible. if it’s meant to be in your life then everything will work itself out. you want to travel? go. you want to try new things? try them. so much stress is created with “i wish” and “what if” when we have all the power to make it possible. the question and factor in it all is if the risk is worth your chance at utter happiness. most of the time the answer is yes. yes what i want is worth the risk or work to get there. you’d be surprised at how life will balance itself out when you just let yourself be happy or do what is going to make you happy.

there are filters on life as to what needs to happen. go to college. get a degree. get a job. get married and settle down. be friends with these people and only do these certain things that are socially acceptable. but if that doesn’t make you happy, then why in the world are you doing it?!

2016 was full of hardship. everyone had struggles. there are still struggles and worries going into this year. people are what is going to get you through it all. i learned that who i thought made me happy two years ago, didn’t make me happy anymore. and that’s okay to walk away from toxicity. i learned that sometimes the people or person you least expect will be an awakening to something 1000x better. i’d rather have one or two supportive and enlightening people to go through life with than twenty people with surface level relationships. no one is forcing you to be around certain people. that’s the lovely characteristic about life is that we can walk away and each make our own decisive choices. if people have judgements then let them have those perceived notions, because you are putting your own happiness first.

there’s no right way to live life. you choose your own path. you make your own choices. instead of “new year, new you” think of “new year, better you” because you don’t need to change yourself. learn. grow. get better.

happy new year.



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