Who are you? Most of us can’t answer that question. Some of us can, but have an ever-changing answer. I’ve always perceived life as a journey. That after a certain point in high school I would figure out what I wanted to do with my life. While I know what I want to do when I get out into the world, I still don’t know WHO I want to be. Finding an identity. Experiences shape a person. Some early on, some much later. Experiences, often times, shape an identity. Or at least that’s what we hope. It’s important to learn from what we’ve been dealt, but more importantly to teach others about our own journeys. I like to think that we all have chapters in our lives. Learning from other’s that are in different chapters…now that’s precious. It’s undeniable that lessons are to be learned from those that have experienced the up and coming. It’s also important that respect is shown to each and every journey. No two journeys are the same. No two lives are the same. And that my lovelies, is that beauty of it all. Each of us is MISFIT. Trying to find another who grasps a hold of a small part of their journey. If everyone came together to help each other. To spread love. To spread life. To spread happiness. Now imagine a world like that.

So. I may not know exactly where I am on this journey called life, but join me as I uncover it. Hopefully you’ll find comfort in discomfort with me.

Stay True. XXX.



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